Sun, Aug  18th, 2019
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Helpful Articles and Videos

"How to Be A World Class Speaker that can Move an Audience"
video - by Lisa Nichols

Shown below are links to a number of helpful articles and videos for speakers. Enjoy!


Amazing Speeches
Ashton Kutcher - "3 Keys"
video - 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Charlie Chaplin - "Greatest Speech Ever".
video - from movie, "The Great Dictator"

Ryan Avery - "Trust is a Must"
video - 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking

Steve Jobs - "If Today Was the Last Day of My Life"
video - Founder of Apple Computer

"Fear of Public Speaking: the Fear that Stalls Careers"
article - by David Carbonell, Ph.D. Anxiety Coach

"5 Tips for Reducing Public Nervousness"
article - by Preston Ni, Psychology Today

Body Language
"Advanced Body Language"
video - by Bill Acheson, Non-verbal Communications Expert

"Body Language - Gestures and Eye Contact in Public Speaking"
video - by Dr. Lynn Meade, Advanced Public Speaking

"Gestures and Body Language"
video - by Lou, Toastmasters International

"Storytellling - Hand Gestures, Facial Expressions and Body Language" video - by Victor Antonio

"Using Body Language to Own Your Stage"
video - by Douglas Kruger, Professional Speaker

"The Power is in the Palm of Your Hand"
video - by Allan Pease, TED Talk

Coaches / Coaching
"Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring A Speaking Coach"
article - by Rich Hopkins, Speaker-Author-Coach

How to...

 How to Be A World Class Speaker..."
video - Lisa Nichols

"How to Breath Properly"
article - by Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker

"How to Give A Motivational Speech"
video - by T J Walker, Media Coach

"How to Start a Speech"
video - by Conor Neill,

"How to Speak So That People Will Listen"
video - by Julian Treasure, TED Talk

"How to Be a Successful Professional Speaker"
article - by Dorie Clark, Clark Strategic Communications

• "How to Upload Your Video to YouTube"
article - by Google

• "How to Write a Speech by Public Speaking Expert
Patricia Fripp"

video - by Patricia Fripp

 "How to Get Started in the Speaking Business"
video - by Patricia Fripp

 "How to Structure Your Speech by Public Speaking Expert
Patricia Fripp"

video - by Patricia Fripp

"Use Gestures in Storytelling and Public Speaking"
video - by Sean Buvala, Professional Storyteller

"How to Get Your First Video Demo for Public Speakers"
video - by Lou Serrano,

• "Professionals Guide to Building Your Platform"
Article - by Alan Weiss, Phd,

"How to Find a Mentor"
article - by Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

Misc. Speaking Related Links Pages
• Guide to Business Public Speaking
suggested by Mia and Sabrina


Les Brown - "Step Into Your Greatness"
video - by Les Brown,

• Mel Robbins - "Secret to Self Motivation"
video - by Mel Robbins

Steve Jobs - "Most Inspiring Speech"
video - Founder of Apple Computer

One Sheets
"The Importance of a One Sheet to Your Speaking Practice"
article - by Lois Creamer, Book More Business

Speaker Demo Tape Examples
Mike Hourigan - Keynote Speaker

Travis Just - Motivational Speaker

John La Puma, M.D. "Transform Your Life With What You Eat"

Al Pittampalli - Professional Speaker Demo Video

Jon Wuebben - Speaking Demo Video

Speech Writing
"Speech Tips - Speech Writing and Public Speaking"
article - from

• "The Power of Storytelling"
article - by Andy Smith

• "You Do Have a Story to Tell. How to Start Writing It."
article - by Kaia Roman

Tips / Techniques

"12 Top Tips to Give a Damn Good Speech"
article - by Joel Saltzman

"32 Tips on Public Speaking"
video - by Ed Skurka, Basketball Coach of Public Speaking

Ethos, Pathos & Logos 3 Pilars of Public Speaking
article - by Andrew Dlugan, Six Minutes

"How To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking: 3 Tips"
video - by Steven D. Cohen, Speech Instructor

• "How To Start a Speech - 12 Foolproof ways
to Grab Your Audience!"

article - by Gary Genard

• "Improve Your Public Speaking and Communication Skills"
video - by Jill Schiefelbein, Impromptu Guru

"Public Speaking for Shy People"
video - by Joe Apfelbaum, CEO Joe

Your Voice

"10 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Voice"
article - by Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative

"How to Project Confidence"
video - by Roger Love, Celebrity Voice Coach

• "How to Speak Like A Leader"
video - by Roger Love, Celebrity Voice Coach

"What Does Your Voice Sound Like To Others?"
by Chris Beatty, Vocal Coach