Sun, Aug  18th, 2019
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Speaker Training

Generally regarded to be the World's Greatest Motivational Speaker, Les Brown has spoken to groups as large as 10,000, 20,000, even 80,000 people. And his mission in life is to teach the secrets he has learned during his highly successful speaking career to people like you and me. People who are passionate about speaking.

Attention Speaker!
Are you one of the people who will not be satisfied until you are able to speak, move audiences, and change the world? If you answer yes, then Les Brown's programs are for you. You are different from those who would like to speak. You know what it means to say “I Have to Speak”. Speaking is not an option for you; it’s a must.

Put a Powerful Tool to Work for You!
When you can rise to the platform and speak well, you can make great things happen. Not only for the audience, but for yourself and your career. Speaking can help you change lives, including your own. No matter what career path you are on, your ability to command audiences can help you succeed.

Make a Living and Make a Difference!
Use speaking talents to make a living, promote you business, build sales, attain a new position, strengthen your current one, or promote your cause. Your speaking skills can distinguish you from all the others who have the same dream but are lacking your ability to impact an audience when the situation calls for it. Speaking can help you influence people and the people you influence can help you succeed.

Learn from the Best!
As you know, when you learn from the best, you increase your chances of doing your best. If speaking is your passion, you can’t leave the results to chance. A missed opportunity can mean the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Motivational speaker Les Brown was a seasoned workshop trainer before he became a professional speaker. So, he knows training and Les has built a successful career and a powerful reputation as a speaker. Now he iis making his programs available to help you learn the techniques he used to move audiences and change lives.

Learn by Doing!
You can’t learn to speak by hearing about it, no matter how hard you listen, no matter how smart you are. You have to do it and do it poorly before you can do it well. Les Brown can help you become a commanding speaker. Act Now! Get Things Going!